Established in 2011 Matrix FM is considered as a leading provider of integrated facilities management solutions in Egypt.

Over the last years, Matrix FM has witnessed a period of remarkable growth. Through our partnerships and projects, we have firmly positioned ourselves on the local facilities management landscape. We owe our success to the company’s resolve to stay on top by offering energy-efficient and cost-effective FM solutions that consolidate Matrix FM’s reputation in delivering services of superior quality and uncompromised excellence.

Our experience and know-how in the arena of Facilities Management enables us to be firmly positive about the value we can introduce to our clients. Facilities Management. The importance of proper know-how in Facilities Management is the secret of excellence in terms of the different services provided and most importantly their ‘right’ cost-quality matrix.

At Matrix FM, we believe our value sets us apart as we work together towards the same goals with the same work ethics to please our customers, as we have a culture of openness that runs through all our departments which give us the power to deliver superior products and services to our customers.


SkyTech is a Leading Firm in the Area of Asset Management with a Distinctive Specialty in CMMS Applications, Energy Efficiency Methodologies as well as Assets Register Systems.

Matrix FM & SkyTech Engineering Have Formulated a Business Alliance through which Matrix FM shall utilize the uxpertise of SkyTech in CMMS & Asset Management Applications.